White, as the word says, is unique & pure. We at White Studios don’t just make furniture and objects, we make your spaces beautiful with our experience, mastery, and learnings with a distinct artistic aesthetic.The idea behind White Studios is to create experiences, beautifying spaces. Inspired by Art, which has always been around man kind, White takes inspiration from different arts, always exploring materials and ways of merging arts with design with a touch of ‘hand-made’.

White is a pure colour. You can mix yellow and blue to make green but you can’t make White. It’s pure and unique, that’s what we stand for. Each of our piece starts from the very idea of ‘How can it be entirely unique? How can we stand from the rest? And what if a chair/table looked like this…..?’ and my faviourite “What if…?”

About Gitesh

A product designer by profession, optimistic by heart and curious by mind, Gitesh Mehta started his journey,after graduating, through his 80 year old family business of Trophies known as KN Group. 

Hailing from the ‘Brass City of India’, i.e. Moradabad, he has always been up close with different materials and manufacturing processes. His curious mind led him to merging one thing with another, challenging the static monotonous manufacturing. Hence, White Studios was born out of his passion to break the monotony and love for arts and design. He is heavily inspired by his father who is always pushing, supporting and mentoring him.

‘Your imagination is a very powerful tool. Possibilities are limitless!!’

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